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Health and Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Good nutrition and physical activity are important habits for you, your family and your friends to practice for life-long health.health

Eating healthful foods and exercising at every stage of life will help you:

  • enjoy great tasting foods
  • build physical strength and endurance 
  • feel your best and work productively
  • reduce your risk of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer 

Healthy habits should be:

REALISTIC - Small changes work best.

FLEXIBLE - Don't worry about one meal or one day. Balance your physical activity and what you eat over several days.

SENSIBLE - Enjoy food, just don't overdo it.


Program Staff

Megan Dougherty 

Megan Dougherty 

County Extension Agent

Nutrition, Health and Food Safety


(785) 537-6350