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Riley County

2023 Riley County Master Gardener Board of Directors Members

President: Dan Brown

Vice-President: Jeff Petersen

Treasurer: Mike Hufnagel

Recording Secretary: Gloria Holcombe

Corresponding Secretary: Carol  VanNahmen

Member at large: Maria Beebe

Member at large: Susan McCullough


Board of Director Members are elected every year and serve a 3-year term. Board members may be re-elected, but may only serve 2 consecutive 3-year terms.

As of January 2023, Board of Directors member terms are as follows:

Maria Beebe: year 3 of first 3-year term

Jeff Petersen: year 2 of first 3-year term

Gloria Holcombe: year 3 of first 3-year term

Dan Brown: year 1 of first 3-year-term

Carol VanNahmen: year 2 of first 3-year term

Susan McCullough: year 1 of first 3-year term

Mike Hufnagel: year 1 of second 3-year term