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Riley County

County Fair Resources

Riley County Fair Website

2022 Fair Pre-Entry Letter

K-State Research and Extension Logo

Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports Logo

Banner Tip Sheet

Writing a Fashion Revue Script (2022)

Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables

Garden Exhibit Tips

Horticulture Exhibit Example Pics

Assembling Notebooks

Creating Successful Fair Posters

Poster Creating and Judging Tips

Rocketry Exhibits Forms (scroll down to bottom of page)

Preparing Visual Art Exhibit Example Pics

Kansas Invertebrate Fossils document

Creating a Geology Display Box


The videos below were created to help 4-H members prepare entries for the Riley County Fair.

 Foods & Nutrition


Food Preservation



Fashion Revue Modeling


Mounting 4-H Photography Exhibits


4-H Club Banners


Calculating Cost Per Wear

Fair 101

Exhibiting Vegetables and Crops


Exhibiting Flowers