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Riley County

Riley County 4-H Foundation

Riley County 4-H Foundation History:

The Riley County 4-H Foundation was created in 1985 to provide support for Riley County 4-H programs. The Foundation is a not-for-profit Kansas corporation with a 12 member Board of Directors. Six members are elected, three members are appointed by the President, the Chairperson of the 4-H Youth Development Committee (or a representative of this group), the President of Riley County 4-H Council and a Riley County Fair Board Representative complete the board.

The Riley County 4-H Foundation conducts meetings quarterly. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday in January, April, July and October. Standing committees of Fundraising, Scholarship and Budget are utilized to conduct additional Foundation details.

Some key programs supported by the Riley County 4-H Foundation include:

Achievement Celebration
Afterschool 4-H
Awards and Recognition
Citizenship in Action
Citizenship Washington Focus
County Service Projects
Discovery Days
Fashion Revue
Judging Teams
Kansas Youth Leadership Forum
School Enrichment
State Award Winners
State Camps
Inter-state Exchange

The Riley County 4-H Foundation accepts grant proposals from 4-H groups interested in offering projects and/or programs benefiting county-wide 4-H membership. 

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2021-2022 Riley County 4-H Foundation Board Members

Nancy Becker – President
Justin Wiebers– Vice President
Cindy Donohoue – Secretary
Stacy Kovar – Treasurer
Angie Bond
Janie Dunstan
Jason Grady
Quinton Huncovsky
Hannah Sepppard
Kristey Weibers
Rachael Kovar - 4-H Council Representative

4-H Foundation Financial Forms