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Riley County

About Us

Established in 1914, Cooperative Extension is a national educational network designed to extend technical expertise and research findings to help people improve their homes, families, farms, business and communities.  Today Extension is the largest, most successful informal educational organization in the world.

Extension programs are funded and guided by a partnership of federal, state and county governments and administered in Kansas State University, the land-grant university.  The educational programs are supported and expanded by thousands of volunteers teachers and community leaders.

Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service

Dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families, and youth through integrated research, analysis and education.

Meet the Staff

Sharon                Lynne

                      sriffey@ksu.edu                                                          lberry@ksu.edu 

Brandy                Megan

                brandymarie@ksu.edu                                                  mcdough92@ksu.edu 

Gregg                Gary

                    geyeston@ksu.edu                                                       garyfike@ksu.edu 

John                Greg

                      jajobe@ksu.edu                                                        gmcclure@ksu.edu