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Riley County

School Enrichment and S.P.I.N. Clubs

The opportunity to participate in a 4-H experience expands beyond the community club program! 

Youth Enrichment programs offers student (both in classroom and those home schooled) programs that correspond with Kansas Education Standards.  All programs must be scheduled with Brandy Bruna, Riley County 4-H Program Assistant. The enrichment program features activities teachers an lead, activities that the 4-H Program Assistant conducts for teachers and classroom enrichment resources on specific topics.  

2022-2023 Youth Enrichment program brochure

Enrichment topics include: Ant Science, From Larva to Butterfly, Chick Embryology, Clean Hands, EARTH (environmental education), Wheat Science and Mealtime Manners, Book in a Bag, 4-H Garden and others. To learn more about contact Brandy Bruna.

S.P.I.N. programs feature a specific topic or subject that students explore in an after school setting. Please contact the Riley County Extension Office to learn more 785-537-6350


Bread Recipe

Pretzel Recipe

Program Staff

 John Jobe

John Jobe

County Agent

4-H Youth Development


(785) 537-6350

Brandy Berg

Program Assistant

4-H Youth Development


(785) 537-6350