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Riley County


We appreciate your recent enrollment as a volunteer within our 4-H online database. Before Riley County 4-H can approve you as a certified county volunteer you will need to complete the required volunteer screening process steps. This process starts with the submission of a volunteer application and online criminal background check. Finally, you will need to complete a child abuse and neglect registration form and mail it to the address at the top of the form. The links for all of these materials can be found below. Again, we appreciate your willingness to volunteer within the 4-H program. Upon completion of the volunteer service application you will need to submit a copy to the Riley County Extension office, and then schedule a time to come in and complete the remainder of the screening process.

Volunteer Service Application


Volunteer Service Renewal Application


(Simply fill out the form and return to the Riley County Extension Office)

Criminal Background Check


Select Riley County from the list and create a profile name and password.  You will then be prompted to access your personal email account to finalize your password.  Using your new name and password, log in and complete the background check process. 

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry

Release of Information

Print off the form, fill out the required fields, and then mail it to the address highlighted at the top of the page. 

No Fee is needed for this submission.