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Riley County

Committees - Contact Persons

Manhattan Home Show – Joyce Henry, Sue White

Description: Designs booth and displays for Home Show (usually in March), helps staff booth


Manhattan Area Garden Tour - Barbara Pearson, Diane Potts

Description: Identify and select 5-6 gardens for tour, communicate with owners, identify event date and ticket cost/s, publicize event, coordinate advance ticket sales with local garden retailers, recruit EMG staff to help with tour, coordinate pre-tour and post-tour potluck.

Nominate a Garden


Membership and Socials – Colleen Hampton

Description: Select program topics and identify, contact, and host our guest speakers at bimonthly meetings and potlucks. In addition, this committee is responsible for setting up the room with the appropriate number of tables and chairs, and supplying simple table decorations to create a welcoming environment for our fellow EMGs. Finally, this committee creates the annual program booklet that is distributed at the January meeting.


Butterfly Garden at Sunset Zoo – Laura Hall, Jacque Staats

Description: Maintains the butterfly garden at the zoo. Our big outreach program is Earth Day at the zoo through which we grow and distribute milkweed, provide educational information and provide butterfly related activities for the kids.


Rose Garden at K-State - 

Description: Maintain rose garden (pruning, etc.), provide educational information, and answer questions by visitors.


Riley County Properties – John Wright

Description: Plant seasonal flowers in the Courthouse Plaza gardens, plan and plant gardens at other Riley Co. properties as needed.


Butterfly Garden at K-State – Barbara Pearson

Description: Maintain butterfly garden, provide educational information, and answer questions by visitors.


Riley County Fair – Linda Letterman

Description: staff table at Fair (answer questions, help with interactive activities, etc.)