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Riley County

4-H Youth Development

4-H Logo4-H is an opportunity for youth ages 7-19 to learn more about their community (Citizenship); be a role model and teach others (Leadership); and explore interest areas that will offer ongoing learning (Life Skills).

Visit other pages on the Riley County 4-H website to learn more about program offerings, activities and opportunities available to you.  



5          Deadline to return swine tagging form to Ext Office

8          Camp Scholarships DUE

10        Camp Counselor and Camp registration DUE

30-2     Discovery Days, KSU Campus

30-2     4-H Sewing Camp; Rock Springs

31        Emerald Circle Banquet



3          Dog Agility Workshop & Competition

3          Camp Counselor Training, Rock Springs

4-7       4-H Camp, Rock Springs

6          Dog Fair Pre-Entry DUE

9-11      State Geology Field Trip

13        Mini Gardens Project Day; Blueville Nursery

17        4-H Project Meeting, Jewelry Making; Pottorf Hall

17        Riley County Rocketry Liftoff; NE Area Park

24        Dog Agility & Rally-O, Pottorf Hall

27-30    Campference, Rock Springs

TBA      State Geology Field Trip



1          Fair Pre-Entries DUE

4          Independence Day, Ext. Office Closed

8          Dog Showmanship & Obedience, Pottorf Hall

10        Riley County 4-H Council, 7 pm @ Pottorf Hall

20        Fashion Revue; location TBA

22        4-H Horse Show

24        Fair Work Night, Pottorf Hall

27-31    Riley County Fair, Cico Park




1          Fair Clean-Up, Pottorf Hall and fairgrounds

4          State Fair Entry Forms DUE

4          State Fair hang tags/volunteer/encampment DUE

15         KJLS Entries DUE

19         State Horticulture & Livestock Judging

28         4-H Council, 7 pm Pottorf Hall


Program Staff

John Jobe

John Jobe

County Agent

4-H Youth Development


(785) 537-6350

Brandy Berg

Program Assistant

4-H Youth Development


(785) 537-6350